Global Fulfillment
The secret to growing in the global market, Global Fulfillment advantageous for localization!
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  • Reduced international shipping costs.
    SHIPNERGY Fulfillment has bases in 4 countries and handles large volumes, reducing international shipping costs.
  • Swift international shipping.
    By pre-positioning cargo in 4 countries and processing through specialized systems and manpower, we handle international shipping more quickly and reliably."
  • Diverse Logistics Services.
    We provide a variety of logistics services, including product receipt, logistics processing, packaging, inventory management, returns, and refunds.
  • Customized Logistics Solutions.
    We offer customized logistics solutions. Choose the logistics solution that best suits your business.
  • 10 Years of Experience and 65 Local Experts.
    We have specialized knowledge in the field of logistics and years of experience. Local experts who understand the characteristics and culture of regional markets are ready, enabling more efficient business operations.
  • Smart Logistics Implementation within the Logistics Center.
    By operating automated equipment integrated with the warehouse management system within the logistics center, we ensure speed and accuracy in all logistics processes, from picking and packaging to sorting based on orders.
Global Shipping.
Global shipping with various options
alongside dozens of SHIPNERGY experts.
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  • Extensive Logistics Network.
    Using our logistics centers in 4 countries, products can be processed from the closest logistics center to where the order is placed, ensuring quick delivery.
  • Systematic Logistics System.
    Through SHIPNERGY OMS, all processes from customer order processing to product packaging and shipping tracking are systematically managed.
  • Multiple Shipping Options.
    We offer various shipping options based on country/region, delivery time, and cost.
  • Expertise in International Shipping.
    With 72 experts and the global SHIPNERGY Partners Network, we guarantee efficient handling of customs issues and tariffs in international shipping.
  • Excellent customer support.
    Using real-time delivery tracking and consultation systems, we quickly address any delivery issues.
Import/Export Declaration.
Swift SHIPNERGY import/export declaration agency
One-stop global customs service.
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  • IOR service in 3 countries
    We provide IOR services for three countries: Korea, Japan and Thailand. If there is no consignee at the destination, request IOR service to Shipnergy.
  • export agency services in 4 countries.
    We represent the export businesses in 4 countries (Korea, Japan, Thailand, USA). Expand your business through the services of SHIPNERGY's import/export specialists.
  • Data automation
    SHIPNERGY AI converts accumulated sales data into import/export data automatically. Additionally, services are available, including auto-generation of product names and HS codes with 99% accuracy and automatic translation of recipient information.
  • Prompt feedback.
    Whether it's a company initially expanding overseas, one without in-house experts, or a small-scale individual merchant, we understand our clients' concerns and are always ready with quick and precise feedback.
Global Forwarding.
Continuous technological development,
Uninterrupted SHIPNERGY global forwarding.
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  • Accurate information collection and analysis.
    The core of logistics tasks is accurate information collection and analysis. We automatically collect and analyze information on each country's import/export regulations, customs regulations, airport and port regulations, etc., to establish the optimal logistics strategy.
  • Diverse overseas network establishment.
    Through 4 direct overseas branches and the SHIPNERGY Partners Network (+20 countries), we offer precise and quick optimal logistics solutions.
  • Outstanding communication.
    We deploy overseas local personnel to provide excellent communication without time zone and language barriers.
  • Endless technological development.
    Over 5 years, we've analyzed the schedules of a total of 27 global shipping companies and various airlines to determine the optimal flight schedule. We constantly strive for technological development, evidenced by our adherence to the international standard for information protection ISO 27001 and our recognition as a Grade A Innovative Business (Inno-Biz).
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