SHIPNERGY's global shipping promises astonishing accuracy.
Order and Delivery Management program (OMS+TMS) concentrated with SHIPNERGY's technology.
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  • Global Online Market Integration
    Supports integration with over 30 diverse Global Markets, and products sold on online stores can be synchronized with OMS.
  • Promotional Gift Management
    Easily and quickly manage frequently changing promotional gifts.
  • One-click services
    Collect orders from various stores with a single click. Even bulk orders and complex export declarations are possible with just one click.
  • Diverse PackingList
    Supports optimized packaging tasks with 13 diverse PackingList options.
  • API Provision
    Open API is provided for clients using our IT solution.
Turning the page on logistics services.
Easier and Faster SHIPPA
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  • Customized System for Clients
    Offering an optimized system by customizing features and settings according to customer's requirements.
  • Multi-Seller Account Integration
    Unlimited linking of multiple seller accounts used in various markets.
  • Smart Customs Verification
    Smart customs processing without the need to consider different customs standards for each country.
    Equipped with the core features of SHIPNERGY OMS, allowing seamless use of essential business functions.
  • From Order Collection to Delivery Completion
    Through the integrated management screen, you can manage the entire logistics process in one place and offer customized order processing and various printing functions.
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